Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat - Bergwerk GmbH

Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat - Bergwerk GmbH (Phoenix Fluorite & Barite Mining Ltd.) is located in Schobsetal near Gehren in the Thuringian Forest (Thüringer Wald). A member of the Fluorchemie Group, it was founded in 2004 to excavate the deposits of fluorite and barite at the Floßberggang between Ilmenau and Möhrenbach. This field, encompassing numerous deposits at depths of up to 400 meters, contains more than 4 million tonnes of ore.

The Fluorchemie Group is the sole holder of the mining rights in this area. The raw ore is processed on site at the Mitteldeutschen Fluorit GmbH works (also a member of the Fluorchemie Group) into a saleable product. Since 2005 the area has been further explored and opened up with the aid of modern technology in order to promote ongoing excavation. Large diesel-powered machinery has been employed to achieve this, and tunnels have been lengthened using explosives and boring techniques. The subsequent excavation is carried out under the protection of the surface with the aid of partial backfill.

Bild Phoenix
Underground mining with a 7.5 tonne wheel-mounted front-end loader

The production programme encompasses:

The extraction of raw minerals through mining. The Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat - Bergwerk GmbH is an important supplier of raw materials for the chemical industry, above all for the fluoropolymer-synthetics industry.

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