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History of Fluorchemie

Fluorchemie Group comprises the sister companies Fluorchemie Dohna GmbH and Flurochemie Stulln GmbH as well as three companies active in the business of sourcing raw materials: Fluorchemie GmbH Frankfurt, Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat GmbH and Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH. The group is a top supplier of hydrofluoric acid und fluorine chemical products and impresses with a complete value chain ranging from fluorspar to essential pre-substances required to produce high quality fluor plastics.



Company History

Growth and development of the group were sparked in the 1990s after acquisition of the production facility for hydrofluoric acid in Dohna/ Saxony by Dr. Rocktäschel. Various members of the group look back at a much longer history though.


Purchase of the Hydrofluoric Acid Production in Dohna and begin of operations under the company name Fluorchemie Dohna GmbH.


Acquisition of Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH from VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH. The hydrofluoric acid production in Stulln is considered a benchmark technology facility throughout Europe.


Foundation of Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat – Bergwerk GmbH with the objective of processing raw fluorspar and barite crude ore from the Floßberggang-repository located between Illmenau and Möhrenbach. Owner and holder of the mining-licences is Fluorchemie Group. This group-owned mine makes the production of hydrofluoric acid less dependent on worldmarket availability and secures a strategic raw product supply in a sustainable way from within Germany.


In order to process the fluorspar and barite crude ore supplied by Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat Bergwerk GmbH, the Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH was founded the same year.


On 19 August 2022, Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat-Bergwerk GmbH was merged with Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH. Through the integration, we create a clear contact point for our customers and suppliers on a strong European foundation as part of the Fluorchemie Group.


Fluorchemie GmbH Frankfurt secures the second important raw material for the production of R22; further, together with Akzo Nobel IC GmbH, they found the joint venture CF Carbons GmbH. This joint venture secures the supply of the production in Frankfurt with both elementary raw materials, namely hydrofluoric acid and chloroform in the long term.


Today the group has around 200 employees with high-level qualifications and offers apprenticeships in the areas business administration, laboratory analysis, production technology and facility maintenance.


Fluorchemie Group takes pride in its experienced and highly qualified employees, many of whom have been with us for many years. In order to ensure sustainable business operations, key functions in the individual companies are set up independently from their respective sister companies.


In 2021, Fluorchemie Group was acquired by Thanatos Chemical Industries GmbH and luorchemie Kronberg GmbH. The new shareholdership will strengthen the strategic growth of the group. esides entering new distribution channels with a focus on electric mobility, the local and sustainable processing of raw materials from the company-owned mine is being pushed forward. In addition, management is focused on closing strategic partnerships and developing collaborations with research facilitities.

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