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History of Fluorchemie

Today the Fluorchemie Group consists of the sister companies Fluorchemie Dohna GmbH and Flurochemie Stulln GmbH as well as the companies Fluorchemie GmbH Frankfurt, Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat GmbH and Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH. The Group belongs to the biggest suppliers of Hydrofluoric Acid und fluor chemical products and impresses with a complete value chain, from the fluorspar to the pre-product for high quality fluor plastics.



Company History

Even if the plant sites are to some extant considerably older, the growth and the development of the group began in the 1990’s as Dr. Rocktäschel has bought the production site for Hydrofluoric Acid in Dohna / Saxony.


Purchase of the Hydrofluoric Acid production in Dohna by the company’s founder Dr. Christian Rocktäschel. Fluorchemie Dohna GmbH arises.


Dr. Rocktäschel takes over the R22 production site of the Höchst AG at the site in Frankfurt. Fluorchemie GmbH Frankfurt is founded. The R22- plant produces pre-products for high quality fluor plastics using Hydrofluoric acid.


Foundation of Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat – Bergwerk GmbH in order to process raw fluorspar and barite crude ore from the storage Floßberggang between Illmenau and Möhrenbach. The sole owner of the mining law is the Fluorchemie Group. This mine
Due to the own mine, the production of Hydrofluoric Acid of the Flurochemie Group is monstly independent from the worldmarket.

Also in 2004, the Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH was founded to process the river and Schwerspatro heart supported by the Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat Bergwerk GmbH.


Fluorchemie GmbH Frankfurt secures the second important raw material for the production of R22; further, together with Akzo Nobel IC GmbH, they found the joint venture CF Carbons GmbH. This joint venture secures the supply of the production in Frankfurt with both elementary raw materials, namely hydrofluoric acid and chloroform in the long term.


The Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH is founded in order to treat the raw fluorspar and the barite crude ore processed by Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat – Bergwerk GmbH.


Today the group employs about 200 experienced personnel with high-level qualifications.
Redudancy exists in all essential areas due to independent sites.


With the handover of the ownership of the group from Mr. Dr. Rocktäschel to his daughter Amelie Scheruhn in the meantime, the companies of the group remain family-owned, medium-sized companies.
These companies are able to react prompt and flexible to challenges and nevertheless, have the stability of a conglomerate because of the closed chain of economic value added.

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