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About Us

The Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat – Bergwerk GmbH is located in Schobsetal near Gehren in the Thuringian Forest. It is a member of the Fluorchemie Group and was established in 2004 to produce river and heavy spawning on the Floßberggang deposit between Ilmenau and Möhrenbach. The Giant Creek Reserve has reserves and resources of more than 4 million tonnes of ore in multiple areas and at depths up to 400m below surface.

The sole owner of the mining rights is the FluorChemie Group. In the processing plant of Mitteldeutsche Fluorit GmbH (a member of theFluorChemie Group), also located at the site, the raw ore is processed into salable products. Since 2005, the deposit has been explored and explored with modern technology and prepared for mining. For this purpose, diesel-powered large appliances are used. The route driving takes place with drilling and blasting techniques. The subsequent degradation takes place with the help of partial offset while sparing the daily surface.

The production program includes:

Raw mineral from the mining industry. Thus, the Phönix Fluß- und Schwerspat – Bergwerk GmbH is an important supplier for the supply of raw materials to the chemical industry, especially for the fluoroplastic industry.

Training/ Career

The Fluorchemie-Group is one of the leading manufacturers of hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and calcium sulfate imagery and employs approximately 200 people in various locations across Germany.


Phönix Fluß- & Schwerspat - Bergwerk GmbH

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