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Hydrofluoric acid is produced in Stulln since 1940. The VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH installed a new facility in 1982/83 which remains benchmark production technology to this day.


In 1994, the VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH founded Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH and transferred all activities related to hydrofluoric acid. Since July 1994, Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH is a key group member of Fluorchemie Group.


Hydrofluoric acid


Calcium sulphate binder EN 13 454-1 CAB 30

Training/ Career

The Fluorchemie-Group is one of the leading manufacturers of hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and calcium sulfate imagery and employs approximately 200 people in various locations across Germany.


Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH

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