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Hydrofluoric acid has been produced in Stulln since 1940. VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH built a new hydrofluoric acid plant in 1982/83, which today is one of the most modern plants.

In 1994 VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH founded Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH and brought in all hydrofluoric acid activities. The Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH was then on July 1st, 1994 by Dr. Christian Rocktäschel has been taken over as managing partner.


Hydrofluoric acid


Calcium sulphate binder EN 13 454-1 CAB 30

Training/ Career

The Fluorchemie-Group is one of the leading manufacturers of hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and calcium sulfate imagery and employs approximately 200 people in various locations across Germany.


Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH

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